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• Slitting Lines

• Milling Lines

• Packaging Lines

• Heat - Treatment Lines

• Recycling Lines

• Pick & Place Assembling Lines

• Galvanizing Lines

• Pickling Lines

Company Profile

C - C Industrial Engineering is a company that undertakes research and development of projects and plant engineering, mostly in the steel industry.
It specializes in the following production areas of:

• Slitting Lines
• Milling Lines
• Heat Treatment Lines
• Galvanizing Lines
• Pickling Lines
• Packaging Lines
• Pick & Place Assembling Lines
• Recycling Applications

C - C Industrial Engineering provides a fully integrated service, that starts from situation analysis up to turnkey solutions with the following development phases:

• Situation Analysis and Consulting
• In depth Studies
• Construction Designing
• Manufacturing
• Installation
• Start-up Commissioning
• Training
• After Sale Service & Support

Analytically, these development phases involve the following:

Situation Analysis and Consulting: Each client is consulted with a feasible and realistic solution, after C - C Industrial Engineering has studied thoroughly the actual situation at site. Also consultancy in finding solutions for existing installation, revamping and elevation of quality and quantity in production processes are provided.

In depth Studies: Proposals are evaluated, cost-analyzed and discussed in depth with the client to find and finalize the best decision.

Construction Design: The agreed decision is drafted and detailed construction drawings are created for the manufacturing process.

Manufacturing: In the workshops the machine is developed and manufactured using state-of-the-art technology, our engineering know-how and experience. Manufacturing also includes electrical control, hydraulic, and/or other networks needed to support the operation. All equipments are tested under strict quality control standards and CE-specification.

Installation: The erection, installation and setup of the machine (or plant) are accomplished by a team of well-trained workers and supervised by experienced engineers.

Start-up Commissioning: C - C Industrial Engineering's engineers will start up the machine or plant according to specification and contractual obligations.

Training: The client's operating managers and machine operators are trained to operate, safe-handle and maintain the machine or plant production.

After Sale Service & Support: C - C Industrial Engineering provides after sales service and support, such as maintenance, spare parts, further development and improvement of the equipment.

C - C Industrial Engineering Ltd Kapfenburgstr. 40 A, DE - 70469 Stuttgart Tel.: +49-(0)711-859 750     • e-mail:

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