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Heat Treatment Lines

The steel strip passes through the heat-treatment process line, where the material characteristics are influenced (hardness, Yield-strength or elongation) as per customer specification.
Those hardening, annealing or patenting lines are generally equipped with accumulators, in order to guarantee a constant process and product quality.
A new Heat - Treatment system has been developed producing spring steel with high quality specifications.

1. Computer control and monitoring of the hardening and annealing process, keeping records about the actual situation, which can be modified and plotted at any time.

2. The heat inducted and cooling requirements are economically transferred using close loops and plate heat-exchangers.

3. Induction furnaces, provided by Co.SMS-Elotherm, anneal the strip up to 500°C with energy efficiency at about 90%, and are applied to our Lines.

4. This Heat Treatment Installation gives to the metal strip spring characteristics. In co-operation with Co.Ebner a Patenting Line has been established, which operates with Bismuth as quenching medium.

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