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• Packaging Lines

• Heat - Treatment Lines

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C - C Industrial Engineering is based in Stuttgart, Germany.
The company's leading manager is of German origin, graduated from the Technical Fachhochschule in Esslingen, Germany and from the University of Exeter in Great Britain and for more than 20 years occupied in mechanical engineering field.

Customers that trust C - C Industrial Engineering

• 3E S.A., Schimatari, Greece
• Baosteel S.A., Shanghai, China
• Bekap S.A., Gebze, Turkey
• Galvanco S.A., Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
• Garibaldi S.A., Santiago, Chile
• Helesi S.A., Athens, Greece
• Jem, Brantford, Canada
• Koll Ltd, Ludinghausen, Germany
• Mediterranean Machinery & Service, Greece
• Mercedes Benz S.A., Mettingen, Germany
• M.J.Maillis S.A., Inofita, Greece
• Neuform Tuer, Erdmannhausen, Germany
• Reinhold Schmitt, Hohenlimburg, Germany
• Roda S.A., Thessalonika, Greece
• Sabo Electric, Halkida, Greece
• Sam Hwan Steel, Korea
• Samuel Strapping S.A., Heath, OH, U.S.A.
• Silco S.A., Salgotarjan, Hungary
• Specta, Moscow, Russia
• Theis, Gelsenkirchen, Germany & Bilbao, Spain
• Tsakiris S.A., Greece
• Volgastrap S.A., Kostroma, Russia

Companies that support and co-operate with C - C Industrial Engineering

Development, Design:

• Ebner, Leonding, Austria
• Gerd Wolff Ltd, Hagen, Germany
• Hilda Design, Athens, Greece
• IKR Ltd, Santiago, Chile
• Ilias Rigas Design, Halkida, Greece
• NKAD Application, Inofita, Greece

Industrial Automation:

• Applicon Ltd, Thessaloniki, Greece
• E.K. Industrial Automation, Halkida, Greece
• SMS-Elotherm Ltd, Remscheid, Germany, also local representative agent


• Barbounis, Artaki, Greece
• GSA Metaltech, Inofita, Greece
• Metalkat S.A., Schimatari, Greece
• MD Automatik Ltd. Psachna, Greece
• Orfanidis S.A., Thessaloniki, Greece
• Papathanasis, Halkida, Greece
• Partheniou, Aspropirgos, Greece
• Poltech Buher, Toronto, Canada
• Record, Tool & Development, Toronto, Canada
• Termaschinen, Nyiregyhaza, Hungary

Installation Erection:

• Applicon Ltd, Thessaloniki, Greece
• Costas Tzelas, Halkida, Greece
• E.K. Industrial Automation, Halkida, Greece
• Filtrometal Ltd. Halkida, Greece
• Metalkat S.A., Schimatari, Greece

Recent Projects:

• Baosteel: Consulting in upgrade of Production
• Bekap Ltd: Consulting in HT-Production Line
• Garibaldi S.A.: Edge Trimming Unit integrated
• Garibaldi S.A.: Separation of Process Lines in two independent Production Lines
• Helesi S.A.: Automatic Assembling Line
• Helesi S.A.: Press, Dies and Testing Device
• Maillis S.A.: Integration and Reinstallation for Improvement on Production
• Maillis S.A.: Consulting in HT-Production Line
• Samuel Strapping: Slitter and Accumulator Unit
• Samuel Strapping: Strip Handling Units for HT Process
• Silco: S.Jumbo Recoiler for 1000 kg Coils
• Theis: Cleaning Brush and S-Roller
• Theis: Upgrade for Oscillation Unit on various Recoilers and Packaging section
• Tsakiris S.A.: Potato size-sorting and cutting machine
• Volgastrap: Steel Strap Production Line

C - C Industrial Engineering Ltd Kapfenburgstr. 40 A, DE - 70469 Stuttgart Tel.: +49-(0)711-859 750     • e-mail:

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