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Slitting Lines

This installation produces ribbon or oscillated coils of all sizes, shapes and qualities.
Initially it slits wide coils to narrow strips, which will be recoiled and removed to a storage space.
In between this basic process, on request the strips can be deburred at the cutting edges, heat-treated, painted, label-printed or other treatments applied.
The final product can vary in size and appearance.
A packaging section can be connected to this process line to easy handle the final product.

1. Slitter Unit with Quick Tool Exchange Turnstile.

2. Slitting line exit section, consisting of individual recoiler units for ribbon and oscillated wound coils up to 1000 kg weight.

3. Deburring unit, consisting of forging rolls and strip guiding rolls.

4. Slitting line entry side, consisting of coil-car, payoff reel, welding station, accumulator, bridler and slitter stand.

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